I saw an opportunity: Macy's newly launching prom dress shop and a rite of passage that inevitably involves creating a look from head to toe. With that inspiration, I proposed to evolve a request for two simple Facebook posts into an ongoing campaign to follow a prom goer's preparation. Starting with an overarching timeline, I proposed bi-monthly posts to highlight our array of offering from various departments. We followed this up by shooting original photography at the official microsite shoot, to capture a more organic style that would work well in the social space.
Role | Social Media Creative Manager at Macy's
Responsibilities: Art Direction, Design, Photography, Social Media Strategy, Content Strategy, Photo Direction & Editing
Platforms | Facebook & Twitter
Cover of the social strategy deck for Macy's Prom. Photo and design by me.
Proposed cadence and organization of Facebook posts for Macy's Prom
Photography look & feel for trends. Photographed by myself and designer, Kylie McAdams, at the official sitelet photo shoot.

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